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About Broken Links Finder

This free online broken link checker detects all found and broken links on one or more web pages. It can find both internal and external links, which are no longer active on a page.

A broken link is a link to a website that no longer exists. Use Broken Links Finder to find broken links on your website and on the websites of your competitors. Enter an URL, sit back and relax while Broken Links Finder finds all the broken links on the sites you entered.

Each month over 1.5 million websites are added to the Internet. Every day, literally tons of Web pages are published all over the Web on various sites that fall under different categories in a variety of topics. It is very possible that there may be more than 1.5 million broken links across the Web today because in some cases SEO (search engine optimization) can deem a page as unnecessary or you may need to update some content on your website and leave the old link behind.